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A different kind of corporate event


Confident appearance, conflict and violence prevention

for everyday professional and private life - with fun!

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Knowledgeable and certified trainers

For us, training is still a matter for the boss: the company events are led by our boss Dorina and our boss Alex. Both are of course very active in martial arts themselves, take part in national and international seminars and are also certified self-defense course instructors by the German Ju Jutsu Association.


This question is answered quickly and easily:​

Basically, our event is suitable for all ages. From trainees to those about to retire and beyond: effective self-defense is possible for everyone! And it's even a lot of fun! Our course is also suitable for team building, as employees can interact with each other and really let off steam - in a positive sense, of course!


Self-assured and confident employees are essential in daily business, but also in everyday private life. Every area of work benefits from self-assured employees - from purchasing to accounting to sales. Simple mechanisms and techniques that can be implemented and carried out by everyone help to change the way you behave. But also outside of the company - when all prevention no longer helps: If things escalate, we empower employees with a few but effective techniques that put an attacker to flight in order to protect the most valuable asset - their own health.


Our 4-hour course doesn't cost the earth.

Especially not when up to 30 employees can participate and valuable content is conveyed.

But even if you want special arrangements that are shorter, longer or with far more or fewer than 30 participants, we will find the right and tailor-made solution for you! Feel free to contact us!



Still have questions or bosses that need to be convinced?

No problem, the boss will be happy to take care of it! We would be happy to come to your company and present our concept to you and the responsible decision-makers. That way we can get to know each other directly, see if the chemistry is right and it's less work for you!

Our company event flyer,

you can download here.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Vielen Dank! Wir melden uns in kürze

Of course you can also write us an email


Telefon: 0172 75 35 761

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